Fringe Supply Co. - Town Bag

From Karen Temper, owner of Fringe Supply Co.: 

You cherish the Field Bag and never leave home without it. You love the durable Porter Bin for both its stowaway and getaway abilities. And yet you’ve wanted something with the capacity of the Porter and companionability of the Field — oh, and you’d like it to stand in for your purse on occasion, too! I’ve been wanting the same and have thought long and hard about how exactly to make it the best of both and yet wholly its own. And I'm so happy to finally share it with you: the new Town Bag!

The Town is literally a larger Field Bag in that it’s the same weight of canvas and same interior pockets (just a bit wider, and no grommets) as the original Field. In addition to the tote-style handles, it also has exterior front and back pockets in waxed canvas that wraps under the bottom for protection and creates a subtle tone-on-tone effect, both in the color and character of the two fabrics. The drawcord, webbing and interior pockets are all in natural. And it has an amazingly satisfying heft and feel in the hand when loaded with your yarn, pattern and tools.

- made in USA
- 11" x 5.5" base (16" wide at top), 10.5" tall
- handle drop is approx 4" with bag uncinched, approx 6" cinched
- 100% cotton canvas body
- outer pockets and bottom in waxed canvas
- interior pockets in natural/undyed canvas
- sturdy triple-weight bottom
- 100% cotton double drawstring
- 100% cotton webbing
- antiqued brass rivets
- signature Field Bag-style divided pockets inside (no grommets)
- french seams and concealed gusset


Photo credit ©2018 Fringe Supply Co.

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Fringe Supply Co. - Town Bag


Fringe Supply Co. - Town Bag


Fringe Supply Co. - Town Bag


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