Knitmare Fest

Its time for ILO's Halloween KNITMARE FEST on Saturday, 27.10.2018!!

Last year, the inaugural KNITMARE FEST took place in Helsinki, and what an amazing event it was! Thank you so much to everyone that attended! This year we've decided to hold the 2nd annual KNITMARE fest in our new hometown – Turku! 

The KNITMARE FEST day will start in the morning at 10.00 at ILO (Linnankatu 8, Turku), and it will last long into the night, culminating in a group dinner & after-party taking place around the corner from ILO at beautiful restaurant E.Ekblom. This year's KNITMARE FEST special guests will be Kässäkerho PomPom, with their gorgeous hand-dyed yarns, as well as pattern designer – Veera Välimäki. During the day, Veera will teach her class "From Idea to Pattern", and she will join us for the group dinner in the evening.

ILO will be open to shop from 10.00 - 17.00 and we will have a Halloween-themed knitting lounge & Kässäkerho PomPom's pop-up shop will be running at the store throughout the day. Stop by whenever you can, or spend the entire day with us! *The knitting lounge or pop-up shopping at ILO is free (no cost) for all to attend.*

Veera Välimäki's class, "From Idea to Pattern" lasts 3 hours and starts at 14.00, at  restaurant E.Ekblom's Neuvolasali. More information and tickets for Veera's class can be found HERE

A 3-course KNITMARE dinner at restaurant E.Ekblom's atmospheric cellar lounge starts at 18.00. More information and tickets for the dinner can be found HERE

*Veera Välimäki's class as well as the KNITMARE dinner required paid tickets for entry.*

After the completion of the private group dinner (around 20.30), the cellar lounge at E.Ekblom will be open for all to attend the KNITMARE after-party – we will continue to knit and party until the lights flicker for last call!


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